Here’s to the arty ones

Art challenges us, sets us apart from the masses and makes us grow. Art is unique. We are all a piece of art. This makes you an artist, just like us. Artists bring ideas into the world, share their views with others and let them experience and engage with their unique look onto our world. We enable these expressions; sometimes outspoken, sometimes subtle–always honest.

Life is defined in the way we express and manifest ourselves.

So here’s to you, to your path, your piece of art.

Khula means ‘growth’. A name that originates in the desire to give a platform to the views of our artists; local South Africans coming to grips with the contrasts that surround them, in order for society at the large to experience and engage with their work.

Artists’ paintings, illustrations, graffiti and photography are reproduced by digital print or hand-painted directly onto the bags. Each bag tagged with it an insight into the work and background of the artist thereby enabling wearers to engage directly with the artwork and spread the word about the artists involved.